The Daily Pondering


Monday, May 16, 2005

Friends and Lifelong Friends

What is my definition of a "friend"?
- Someone who has a similar sense of humor
- Someone with whom I can have an interesting & engaging bi-directional conversation
- Someone who has similar perspective on life as me (including ethics and values)
- Someone who makes me feel overall happy when I'm around them

Note: Some friendships tend to be stronger than others. I think that happens depending on how well your friend satisfies your definition of a friend & how well you satisfy their definition of a friend.

What is my definition of a "true friend" or "lifelong friend"?
- Someone who is my "friend"
- Someone who is *truly* happy for me when something good happens and *truly* sad for me when something bad happens
- Someone who can allocate time to be my friend
- Someone who I can rely on when I need their help
- Someone who makes me a better person by being their friend
- Someone who I can trust

Note: This criteria sounds like common-sense, but these are the things that make "true friends" stand out from "friends" in the long-run.