The Daily Pondering


Monday, February 28, 2005

My First Blog

It has finally happened. I have decided to join the world of blogging. Yes, this is a bit of a shocker to me too. I've always liked the idea of diaries... that is, in theory. Writing about your daily happenings and inner thoughts always seemed like a good way to express yourself and learn more about yourself in the process. But on the practical side, the traditional diary (and by the way, who decided to invent the universal key for diaries anyway?) was too time consuming to handwrite and nobody would read it except for yourself (unless someone knew where you hid your diary and owned a universal key, that is). And then, blogging happened several years ago. It never did appeal to me though. Unlike a writing in a traditional diary, I thought that blogging was slightly too public for me. Afterall, if you write about details of your personal life, people on the internet anywhere in the world might know a bit more information about you than you might have never wanted them to know. And that's always just been a bit eery to me! However, I am realizing that blogging isn't just about being an online diary. There is nothing requiring you to write about the details of your life and there is nothing requiring you to reveal your identity. You can choose to discuss as much or as little as you want about whatever topics you want with whomever you want. I have come to conclusion that I should not be using the internet primarily as a tool for gathering new information, but should also be sharing information as well that may be interesting or helpful (or, I suppose, boring and a complete waste) to anyone in the world. Sharing information with others in the world with minimal effort through blogging is a powerful concept and I should be taking advantage of that. For me, I envision this blog to be a means by which I can share my "daily ponderings" with anyone who chooses to read them. Enjoy!