The Daily Pondering


Thursday, March 10, 2005

The New World of Blogging

Just thought it was about time to blog about my experience as a new blogger. So far, I'm liking it, but am realizing that it has been more difficult to keep a daily entry (maybe i shouldn't have used the word 'daily' in the title). I'll have to work harder on posting more frequently. In the meantime, I've learned a thing or two about myself that I'd like to share:
- I actually enjoy writing when I have a potential audience reading topics that are interesting to me - I find writing entries in my blog much, much more enjoyable than writing essays in high school or college on boring topics that were only read by an instructor
- I try harder to proofread my blog entries for spelling and grammar mistakes (at least, compared to my e-mails that I write)
- I am encouraged to do more in-depth internet research on topics before writing my blog entries
- I must be careful about what details to reveal through my blog - read this article about some unfortunate employees who revealed too much in their blog
- I respect journalists even more - read this article about how the differences between journalists and bloggers are becoming somewhat blurred
- I should scale back on the length of my blogs - I am going to try to keep them short and sweet in the future! Besides, it will save me time too!
- I need to learn about more features I can add to spice up the appearance of my blog
- I added a tracker to get statistics about the traffic through my blog - in fact, that's how I realized that the heightened increase in traffic to my site was because my blog entry about Britt Worldwide was cited as a reference by the March 5, 2005 entry called "The Dirty Little Secret" on a Quixtar blog - One Man's Perceptions!!!
- I added Google's Adsense Ads (context-based ads) to my blog - with enough traffic, I could make a profit - not bad, considering I haven't invested any of my own money
- I can search other blogs using cool websites such as,,, and

Overall, I'm glad that I've joined the world of blogging. I still have a lot to learn...